Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Well That Sucked

First off, let the record show that I, Josh Bowe, did not rage once during the entire Mavs telecast. I instead directed my anger towards my twitter and it worked wonders. No thrown controllers, remotes or broken TV's. No noise complaints. I am very pleased.

What's funny is that reading facebook statuses is like reading someone's IQ test. It opens your eyes to who's really dumb, who's sorta got a grasp on life, and who's a whore (facebook ftw).

So as I read "MAVS SUCK RAWR I HATE MAVS THEY STINK 0-82" about 32123098 times I realized there's a reason I want to do this for a living and some people want to be doctor's or interior designers. Or ditch diggers and hookers.

Now most bloggers and writers gushed that the Mavs ceiling is very high. But they also sort of threw in a nitpick - this team could crash and burn.

We could get Miami/Toronto Marion and not Suns Marion
We could get an even worse defensively J-Kidd
We could see Terry's decline from the playoffs continue
We could see Gooden being a knucklehead
We could see Dirk doing the 1-on-5 offense
We could see Q-Ross being bad...oh wait that was going to happen regardless*

So take what you will from the Mavs season opener. Pray that Josh Howard will be back soon, and realize that Dirk and Terry are the only real shooters in the rotation...let that sink in and then you'll realize that this team will stink on offense some nights when the ball isn't moving and we shoot over 15 threes a game. This team should NEVER shoot more than 15 3's a game. It's basketball blasphemy.

*I will be taking shots at Quinton Ross all season long, regardless of if he averages 35 ppg, wins an MVP, and marries Marissa Miller.

Wait, Ross was one of two Mavs last night to post a positive +/-?!?!

So much for not breaking any remotes.

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