Sunday, October 11, 2009

Cowboys 26, Chiefs 20: Keep Austin Weird (Or at Least in the Lineup)

Drew Pearson, Bob Hayes, Michael Irvin...Miles Austin?

Never Austin's name would ever be placed in even the same breath as former great Cowboy wide outs, and as everyone's favorite annoying football analyst says, that's why they play the games.

Most receiving yards by a Cowboy in a regular season game ever. He will forever be remembered in the record books for a truly spectacular game (even more so because almost all of his yards were after the catch).

I don't really know where to start after Austin. I guess since this game was so poorly played and ugly that's how this wrap up will look. Just going to jot down the random thoughts I had about this game.

-This was bad. Real bad. You can't be down 10 in the third quarter to a truly bad team. I know there are a lot of other win-less teams out there but some of them have actual NFL players on their roster. I have trouble finding some in KC. Their offensive line is a joke, their defensive line is a joke and their one "star" player disappears from time to time (though he showed up today).

-A lot of people will once again blame Jason Garrett for abandoning the run most of the game. I say no. When you're down 10 in the third quarter there isn't really much time for a constant running attack. If there is something to question it's Tashard Choice's usage. Choice averaged just over 11 per carry but only got 8 of them. Marion Barber meanwhile got 15 of them but only at 3.7 clip per carry. I think everyone would agree that Choice should get those 15 and Barber 8 if the Barbarian isn't 100 percent.

-Romo looked...better. I know the 2 TD's and 351 yds will be what everyone's talking about but I will be looking at the 58 completion percentage. I know that isn't awful but I would still like to see that above 60. But Romo was able to get the ball out and his recievers finally had some space to work with as Romo only took one sack.

-Mile Austin needs some more PT. I know this is obvious but I thought it was pretty obvious after the Tampa Bay game but Austin continued to get less looks as everyone focused on getting Roy Williams more involved. This is a clear sign that the Cowboys need to take the Peyton Manning approach of just finding the open guy. Today it was Austin, perhaps next week it'll be Williams, or maybe Patrick Crayton.

-A good point I heard on the post-game radio show. In three games the 'Boys have had late 4th quarter leads. And in all three of them the defense gave it away. Luckily they redeemed themself with a huge opening stand in OT but the fact remains that you can't even talk about the playoffs if you don't have a defense that preserves 4th quarter leads. Letting KC march it up the field and tie the game at 20 spoiled what was an excellent day for the defense...granted it came against KC

-Yay no more DeMarcus Ware sucks stories. But fuel for the fire...any LB/DE can get some sacks agains this Chief offensive line.

-Do we have any kicker controversy? Look, Nick Folk is a hero in many Cowboy lovers' hearts. Remember this? But I think Folk's really dumb misses this year should be looked at and handled by the coaching staff. I'm not looking for a new kicker, but let's make sure Folk's head is on straight because we all remember when Billy Cundiff was our kicker.

-I couldn't really feel happy about this win. I just couldn't. Especailly with a really rough part of the schedule coming up. Next four? Atlanta and Seattle come to town (a suddenly explosive Seattle at that.) and then two straight on the road at Philly and Green Bay. I wouldn't be shocked at all if the Cowboys lost all four of those games with the showing from today.

-Luckily they have a bye week. Get it fixed 'Boys. 13 penalties will not get it done. Blowing 4th quarter leads will not get it done. 4 fumbles will not get it done. Making win-less teams look good will not get it done. Ugly win, take it but forget when you wake up on Monday.

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