Tuesday, October 27, 2009

The Worst NBA/Dallas Mavericks Preview 2009-2010 Edition

Yep, the NBA starts tomorrow. Wait, it starts tonight? Guess I should preview it huh? Sounds good.

If you've been reading NBA previews on the various blogs and sites this month, nothing here will truly surprise you, especially about the Mavericks. There isn't much more to be said that hasn't already been said by people way smarter than me.

So instead of crunch the numbers and look at stats, I'm just going to sit at my desk and crunch this baby out going on pure guts, emotions and my superior intelligence. First we'll look closely at the Mavs, then the league in general.

Dallas Mavericks Preview:
So this team should be better than last year. And as a lot of national pundits say, this team should also be faster and better on D. I sort of agree with that. I don't expect Marion to make this a Celtic-Spur-Magic level of defense but I expect fewer explosions from the 'Melo-Kobe-LeBron sorts (even though they usually always end up with their own).

I love Marion on this team. I am in full circle believing that he will be the jumpstart this offense needs. He'll be the permanent cutter that we only could of dreamed Josh Howard would of been to complement Dirk. Expect the offensive efficiency numbers to be better, and they were great last year.

I like Gooden a lot too. But I don't like the fact that everyone talks about how great he is, what he brings to the table and so forth and the fact that he's played on every NBA and Euro professional team in the last 6 months (slight exageration). There has to be a reason teams keep dumping him and its for two reasons: his and headcase and expendable. While a potential double-double guy doesn't sound expendable a lot of Drew Gooden clones are everywhere. Brandon Bass, David Lee, Glen Davis, Leon Powe, Paul Milsap (a much better clone to be exact), Anderson Verajo, Nene, DeJuan Blair and need I continue? Also he's a headcase. Got a case of bananna brains.

But don't worry about that. He's only locked down for one year so he can't really kill the team and I think he'll average around 11 and 7 for the year off the bench. Something the Mavs didn't really have besides Jason Terry and Bass (who is replaced by Humphries)

Don't get excited on Q-Ross. Everyone raves how he is a lockdown defender on D. How he can shut down the perimeter. So why is he so easy to obtain? I don't see other teams chomping at the bits to obtain this shutdown defender. So while Ross is better defensive option than say Antoine Wright, his offense can single handidly fowl up the Mavs and he won't be shuting down Kobe. Ross plans to be the starter and trust me, you'll be singing praises about J-Ho (and Ross when he is only used 15 minutes a game as bench spark plug) when he returns and teams don't have anyone on the perimeter they can leave open.

The rest of the roster should perform like everyone thinks they will. Dirk will be Dirk. Kidd will be Kidd. Jet will be Jet. Damp will be...sigh...Damp. The X-factor is Roddy Beaubois's development. He could provide a 2004 Josh Howard rookie spark half-way through the season. In fact, I'm betting on that.

In the end, expect to see the Mavs compete for that third team in the west slot, and make it back to the second round at least. But the potential is there to surprise the Spurs or Lakers.

League Roundup:
So let's get this out of the way: I love the Spurs and I love the Magic. To me, they almost have too good of teams. The Spurs start Parker, Manu, Jefferson, Duncan and McDyese. I'd say that's about as solid as a starting 5 in the league. Except the Magic throw out Nelson, Carter, Pietrus, Lewis and Howard. Wow. I know the Lakers have a vaunted lineup, but just wait till Ron Artest is killing the Lakers ball movement and lowering Kobe's touches with senseless guarderd 18 footers. It will doom them in the playoffs, you'll see.

With that here's how I think the League will go down

Western Conference:
1. Spurs
2. Lakers
3. Mavericks
4. Nuggets
5. Trail Blazers
6. Jazz
7. Hornets
8. Houston
9. Suns
10. Thunder
11. Clippers
12. Minnesota
13. Warriors
14. Grizzles
15. Kings

Eastern Conference:
1. Magic
2. Celtics
3. Cavaliers
4. Wizards
5. Hawks
6. Heat
7. Bulls
8. Raptors
9. 76ers
10. Knicks
11. Pacers
12. Pistons
13. Bobcats
14. Nets
15. Bucks

West Finals: Spurs over Mavericks

East Finals: Magic over Celtics

NBA Finals: Magic over Spurs

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