Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Randon Youtube Awesomeness: Dirk Dominates Portland in Game 7 of 2003 Playoffs

I have a confession. This is probably my favorite Maverick team. I know, I know, we had the 67 win team in '06-'07 and of course the Finals team in 2006. But this was the first year my Dad had season tickets to the Mavericks and at the time I had no idea who any of them where (shocker right?) I honestly remember asking him who the tall dude with long hair was during my first preseason game. Wow, I know. So by April of 2003 I was all geared up and nerded out for my first NBA Playoffs. I fell in love with the game over the course of 2002-2003 mainly because this team was just so much fun to watch. All the scoring, running and gunning was a sight for sore eyes. What makes this even more special besides the fact that I was there was that Dirk played bloody awful in game 6. And then he did this in game 7:

Man. What's more amazing than his performance was just how wide open most of his looks were. Really Portland? You didn't see this coming? You thought game 6 was a tell-tale sign of things to come from the Uberman? Well you thought WRONG.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Cowboys 31, Giants 33: Going in the Exact Opposite Direction

Whew. It's over. Jerryworld has been shown off to a national audience and the Cowboys flexed their muscles in a win...oh wait. Whoops, I was writing the story Jerry wanted to see. Too bad it doesn't work out like that.

I didn't write a prediction post like I said (shame on me) but I said out loud and to people this would be a tight game in which the Giants pounded the rock, controlled the clock and keep the ball away just long enough to preserve a 21-17 victory. Brandon Jacobs would haunt Cowboys fans, and more questions would arise about the run defense as Romo and the offense did what they could.

Boy, I was flat out wrong. Like completely wrong.

Do you want to go over the numbers? Because they're pretty ugly. And everyone can look at numbers. My job is to be insightful, funny and amusing. But it's hard to be funny after a loss like that. So many questions answered but so many more cropped up. Let's run them down

Mobile Blogging FTW!

Howdy yall (god im so Texan)

Just wanted to update and say that I've downloaded a new blogging app on my G1. So now I have absolutely no reason to not upate. Expect a Rangers report and a Cowboys prediction tomorrow.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Random Youtube Awesomeness: Josh Howard Nut Job

I spend a lot of the day on Youtube. So I decided why not share some of that wholesome youtube goodness with my readers? I'll try hard to keep them of the sports variety, and even try to keep it DFW oriented. But what the hell.

This clip will always make me laugh. There must be some part of the human brain that associates "hitting in the balls" with humor. I mean look at Howard's face! Classic! Not to mention this is an unexpected hit in the balls caught on national television during one of the most important games in Mavericks history. Well done Avery.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Rangers Swan Song

S-T/Kelley Chinn

Dear Rangers,

Thank you for such an awesome season. I've had a lot of fun watching you grow and mature (and kick ass) this season. Unfortunately you decided to compulsively crap yourself at the worst opportune time. I will look forward to 2010 with baited breath, and a little optimism.

Josh Bowe

Oh wait too soon? Sorry I just watched another no-name, mediocre at best pitcher shut down what is supposed to be a potent lineup. I think this is long overdue, but its time to stop hiding it: The Rangers offense is bad. It isn't slumping. I think we need to generally except that the way the players are playing is an indication of their real talent level.

Kinsler? Don't expect another season with his batting average above .300. It's almost impossible with his mechanics, despite his freakishly fast hands. He uses an uppercut swing, which gives him chances for 30 home runs but also lowers his batting average by hitting shallow fly balls on low pitches.

Hamilton? Look last season was magical. And there's the key word magical. It was a once in a lifetime season. He has a semi mulligan with being hurt for most of the season, and I think that's why when he was on that hot streak in August he was hitting all singles. I just don't think he had the strength to drive the ball. He can redeem himself next season, but the problem is that's next season. A September 2009 redemption would of been nice.

It's a frustrating time for die-hard Ranger fans. All the fair weather fans have switched their tuners to the Cowboys, and the attendance shows it. It's football season and it's a damn shame that 75% of the metroplex sports fans are going to ignore that best team the Rangers have had since 1999.

Unfortunately, it wasn't enough.

Monday, September 14, 2009

Long Time No See

Sorry guys, but with school work and my actual sportswriting job (shameless plug) I haven't had time to write on here. But rest assured change is coming. And it's gonna hurt. Or go down smooth, it's up to you.

As I watch the Rangers gutless performance, and watch the worst double-header in the history of MNF openers (but the Bills tried as hard as they could to make it interesting, but when it was 24-13, all that raced through my mind was: How is Buffalo going to screw the pooch? Pick? Poor snap? NOPE! Even better a fumble on a kickoff that should of been knelled in the endzone!) I'm just thinking about how I can't wait for the NBA.

Oh the Cowboys? Don't drink the kool-aid yet. It's gonna be problems against the New York football Giants next week. BIG trouble. I have a feeling that Sunday night we will have dreams of Brandon Jacobs chasing us through a graveyard as he crushes human skulls under his feet.

So sit back, relax, put your seat into an upright position, put up your trey tables and be ready...oh and there's a podcast coming.