Monday, November 9, 2009

Cowboys 20, Eagles 16: Bartender? Kool-Aid, and Keep 'Em Coming

As Ron Burgundy once said, "Drink it in, it always goes down smooth."

Even if the drink is Cowboy Kool-Aid.

I know that in the past that Kool-Aid can come rumbling back up the gullet like expired prune juice, but you have to admit, that first sip is always delicious.

And guess what? I've ordered myself a shot. In fact, drinks are on me! A round for Cowboy nation.

I have been converted. I have picked against the Cowboys in every game except for Denver this season including last night. Not anymore. That doesn't mean I will pick the Cowboys to finish 14-2, but it does mean I have faith. I believe the Cowboys are not only a good team, but a great team. Maybe not the best in the NFC...yet. But they have more than a fighting chance to scrape by against the Viks and Saints.

Let's dive into the best Cowboy win in the last two years.

-The entire game I was waiting for something bad/dumb to happen to the Cowboys. As my journalism professor said today: "I was wondering when Tony Romo was going to do something dumb."

-Guess what? It didn't. Only one pick for Romo in what is a ball-hawking secondary and deadly pass rush. I'll take just one turnover from Tony in that case, especially when his completion percentage was 61.8. This is good stuff folks.

-What also was going through my mind: when would the Eagles hit that huge TD? When you look at where the Cowboy secondary was against the Giants, this is a Jekyll/Hyde type turnaround. As I screamed at my TV every time Jenkins or Newman let Jackson or Maclin catch the ball with 5-10 yards to running room, I forgot to realize that the Eagles weren't scoring. Dallas was letting the Eagles dink and dunk down the field and when it got close into Cowboy territory, the pass rush ramped up and held Philly to a field goal or ziltch.

-People may whine about the running game, but it was mostly effective. Barber and Choice both had averages of over 4 per carry. Good enough for me, especially when it was a normally balanced attack. And the Barbarian did finish off the game in the 4th. Give the man his dues.

-But those 3 straight draws in the 4th? Garrett. It's a cool play...once or twice a drive..MAYBE. The whole point of a draw is the element of surprise.

-How awesome was the Romo-to-Austin TD? And the Romo-to-Crayton pitch and catch? A little unsettling considering the TD reminded me of a certain two letter WR that used to play here. What was his name again?

-Kudos to Roy Williams. 5 catches on 75 yards and almost every one was for a first down. Love how Royboy dodged and ducked questions when the media was egging him on to explode. Best way to stop those questions? Preform. Something a certain two letter WR didn't do in his final moments.

-I want to give Jay Ratliff a big hug. It'd have to be big because he's a monster. And because he destroyed the Eagles interior line. With Ratliff wrecking havok it's allowed Ware to rush the outside. What are teams supposed to do? Double team Ware and let Ratliff go to crazy town? It's mind boggling how much better this tandem can get, and I'm drooling over the possibilites.

-Remember how we (or I) said that the Cowboys won't win a big game this season because that D would fail down the stretch? How about a 4th and inches stop and only limiting the Eagles to an absolutely meaningless field goal. This is the best the defense has played all season.

-I think there's a clause in Victor Butler's contract that he has to make one absolutely huge play each game. McNabb had that first down easy. I easily pranced like a school girl after Buttler's diving foot flip.

Ah what a game and what a week. Don't sleep on the Packers next week, because A-Rodg can air it up. But with the way this team is playing, I think I'm gonna pick the Boys in silver in blue for a change.

(PS first person to photoshop that pic of Ratliff into a super sayian gets a prize)

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