Monday, August 31, 2009

Rangers/Jays Game 1 Live Blog

7:05- Got back just in time to see Marco Scutaro single up the middle.

7:06- And there's an Aaron Hill double. And another misplayed ball in left field. Where are the Angels in the Outfield when you need em? 1-0 Jays.

7:10- As Holland works around trouble, I'd like to give a shout out to the guys at Inside Corner. It's a great blog for all DFW sports. Essentially if my blog becomes 1/8 as good as that, I'll be very satisfied.

7:14- Holland does not have his best stuff. Two walks and a three run shot from ROOOOODDDDDDDDDDDDDD BARAJAS. Sorry That's a fun name to say.

7:17- Great start guys! 5-0 after top half of the first.

7:21- Rangers play trackball (my roommates favorite game) as Kinsler and Hammy both attempt to go oppo and come out a few feet short. Young also smoked a ball...right at Hill. So a 1-2-3 inning but an optimist says we hit the ball hard at least. I'm not one of those people: this game is over!

7:22- That Time Warner commercial with the ref throwing penalty flags cracks me up every time.

7:26- Michael makes his 2nd error in his last 55 games. Translation: awful player.

Rangers/ Blue Jays Preview

Wait we're playing the Twins right? We play them 30 games in a row right? Wait? We don't? Phew. I was worried that the Rangers would be forced to play every one of their God forsaken games against the team that shall not be named. Seriously the Twins are very good at making Ranger fans feel pretty down in the dumps.

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Twins 5, Rangers 3 Post Game

I decided to start up a new allsports all the time (basically) blog. I'll try to live blog the remaining Rangers games, preview series, and do wrap up posts. I'll also do the same for the 'Boys and Mavs, and maybe the Stars if I feel like watching hockey this year.

The name of my blog, incidentally, is an inside joke from everyone's favorite former MNF analyst Emmit Smith. Just listen for it:

So here's the actual recap. Comment on the format and if you'd like me to add/subtract anything