Sunday, November 29, 2009

Rambling, thoughts and brain farts

Its been awhile. Probably too long. See I actually have a job that involves sports writing (shocking I know. You probably thought I was banking with this blog) and that's taken some time. I also have class, which really sucks to write out because it sounds really unprofessional. How many readers would click out of Bill Simmons page on if he posted about having class slum down his writing? Probably a lot.

Since its 12:30 a.m. according to my Mac (but the pretentious bastards probably could have reset their clocks to Steve Jobbs master timer in his castle) I'll make this the worst blog post as I spout random thoughts.

Monday, November 9, 2009

Cowboys 20, Eagles 16: Bartender? Kool-Aid, and Keep 'Em Coming

As Ron Burgundy once said, "Drink it in, it always goes down smooth."

Even if the drink is Cowboy Kool-Aid.

I know that in the past that Kool-Aid can come rumbling back up the gullet like expired prune juice, but you have to admit, that first sip is always delicious.

And guess what? I've ordered myself a shot. In fact, drinks are on me! A round for Cowboy nation.

I have been converted. I have picked against the Cowboys in every game except for Denver this season including last night. Not anymore. That doesn't mean I will pick the Cowboys to finish 14-2, but it does mean I have faith. I believe the Cowboys are not only a good team, but a great team. Maybe not the best in the NFC...yet. But they have more than a fighting chance to scrape by against the Viks and Saints.

Let's dive into the best Cowboy win in the last two years.