Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Randon Youtube Awesomeness: Dirk Dominates Portland in Game 7 of 2003 Playoffs

I have a confession. This is probably my favorite Maverick team. I know, I know, we had the 67 win team in '06-'07 and of course the Finals team in 2006. But this was the first year my Dad had season tickets to the Mavericks and at the time I had no idea who any of them where (shocker right?) I honestly remember asking him who the tall dude with long hair was during my first preseason game. Wow, I know. So by April of 2003 I was all geared up and nerded out for my first NBA Playoffs. I fell in love with the game over the course of 2002-2003 mainly because this team was just so much fun to watch. All the scoring, running and gunning was a sight for sore eyes. What makes this even more special besides the fact that I was there was that Dirk played bloody awful in game 6. And then he did this in game 7:

Man. What's more amazing than his performance was just how wide open most of his looks were. Really Portland? You didn't see this coming? You thought game 6 was a tell-tale sign of things to come from the Uberman? Well you thought WRONG.

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