Sunday, September 20, 2009

Cowboys 31, Giants 33: Going in the Exact Opposite Direction

Whew. It's over. Jerryworld has been shown off to a national audience and the Cowboys flexed their muscles in a win...oh wait. Whoops, I was writing the story Jerry wanted to see. Too bad it doesn't work out like that.

I didn't write a prediction post like I said (shame on me) but I said out loud and to people this would be a tight game in which the Giants pounded the rock, controlled the clock and keep the ball away just long enough to preserve a 21-17 victory. Brandon Jacobs would haunt Cowboys fans, and more questions would arise about the run defense as Romo and the offense did what they could.

Boy, I was flat out wrong. Like completely wrong.

Do you want to go over the numbers? Because they're pretty ugly. And everyone can look at numbers. My job is to be insightful, funny and amusing. But it's hard to be funny after a loss like that. So many questions answered but so many more cropped up. Let's run them down

Before Sunday night questions:

Will the Cowboys be able to shore up what was a poor run stopping unit in week one, against probably the best running attack in the league?

Answer: Yes, and then some. Only 97 rushing yard for the Giants...97!! Granted a majority of those came in the fourth quarter but to hold the Giants under 100 deserves credit anytime, any day, any week.

Tony Romo had to throw for a career high in yards to be able to cushion the lead and seal the game against a mediocre at best Tampa Bay team. Where is the three headed attack of Barber, Choice and Jones?

Answer: Well. I don't know how else to put it, but the Cowboys running backs/O-line opened up a can of whoop@$$. 251 rushing yards on get this...29 carries. That's 8.7 per rush. That's incredible, once in a season kind of performance from the backs and the O-line. Add in a brilliant QB sneak on third and goal for a TD (which I called right before the snap) and you have a brilliantly called game by Garrett.

New questions after tonight:

Hey Tony, I like the things you do...NOT. What happened?!

Answer: It's one of those games. Look, Tony is compared to Brett Farve and it fits perfectly. He's a gunslinger, a risk taker. You're going to get games like week 1. But you're also going to get games like tonight. Romo probably had the worst game of his career tonight. The line? Yuk: 13-29, 127 yds, 1 TD, 3 INTs, 44.8% completion, and a 29.6 passer rating. It can't get much worse than that especially when you considered the Giants vaunted pass rush didn't get Romo to the ground with the ball once (0 sacks). Tony was missing left, right, high, low. Its the kinda game that gives all the Romo haters more ammunition for the next week.

What's even worse is the reason Romo had to throw it 29 times with that rushing power which brings us to....

Secondary, why did you show you're true colors?

Answer: Oh wait, I sort of answered it already, didn't I? Face facts Cowboy fans: This secondary is pretty average. Orlando Scandrick probably had the worst game I've ever seen from a corner. Ever. The guy didn't make any plays really at all, except for the other team. It became almost laughable when the Giants need at least 7 yards, they would throw the ball out in the flat to whatever WR Scandrick was on, since he was incapable to making a tackle. I would of felt sorry for him if it weren't so pathetic. Top that off with Terrance Newmen's mediorce effort and you have what was one of the worst games by a secondary in a Cowboy's unifrom that I might of seen in my life. Honestly.

I want to blame the pass rush (no sacks on Manning) but Eli was just throwing the ball too quick. I don't even think a combination of LT, Reggie White and Jesus could of gotten to Manning any quicker on some of those quick passing plays. That's all on the coverage, or lack thereof (But 0 sakcs in two games is pretty pathetic). What's even worse is that since the secondary couldn't get a stop, the cowboys couldn't add to the already historic rushing numbers (most in a game since '94 I beleive) and had to rely on Romo to keep up the pace in wanning minutes, and we all know how that turned out.

*SIDE NOTE: Everyone is deeming Romo's second pick, off Whittens foot and into the hands of safety Kenny Phillips, a fluke. I say nay. Look sure it was a flukly type play, but guess what? Don't throw almost a foot behind an open Whitten and it doesn't happen.

Giants WRs Steve Smith: 10 rec. 134 yds 1 TD. Mario Manningham: 10 rec. 150 yds 1 TD. Unacceptable.

Want to know why Eli is the highest paid player in the leauge? 25-38, 330 yds, 2 TD's. Yeah, Eli just raised a big middle finger to everyone who laughed at that contract extension.

And I haven't even mentioned Fleix Jones careless fumble on a kickoff. Blerg.

So, the Cowboys answered a lot of questions Sunday night. But guess what? They also created a lot more. Along with a few sighs and headaches.

(come on, who didn't feel like this after the game?)

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