Monday, September 14, 2009

Long Time No See

Sorry guys, but with school work and my actual sportswriting job (shameless plug) I haven't had time to write on here. But rest assured change is coming. And it's gonna hurt. Or go down smooth, it's up to you.

As I watch the Rangers gutless performance, and watch the worst double-header in the history of MNF openers (but the Bills tried as hard as they could to make it interesting, but when it was 24-13, all that raced through my mind was: How is Buffalo going to screw the pooch? Pick? Poor snap? NOPE! Even better a fumble on a kickoff that should of been knelled in the endzone!) I'm just thinking about how I can't wait for the NBA.

Oh the Cowboys? Don't drink the kool-aid yet. It's gonna be problems against the New York football Giants next week. BIG trouble. I have a feeling that Sunday night we will have dreams of Brandon Jacobs chasing us through a graveyard as he crushes human skulls under his feet.

So sit back, relax, put your seat into an upright position, put up your trey tables and be ready...oh and there's a podcast coming.


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  1. you forgot to mention that the one and only Katie Welch will be making some awesome guest appearances on the podcast. people will be WAY more interested if they know I'm going to be involved... :)