Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Rangers Swan Song

S-T/Kelley Chinn

Dear Rangers,

Thank you for such an awesome season. I've had a lot of fun watching you grow and mature (and kick ass) this season. Unfortunately you decided to compulsively crap yourself at the worst opportune time. I will look forward to 2010 with baited breath, and a little optimism.

Josh Bowe

Oh wait too soon? Sorry I just watched another no-name, mediocre at best pitcher shut down what is supposed to be a potent lineup. I think this is long overdue, but its time to stop hiding it: The Rangers offense is bad. It isn't slumping. I think we need to generally except that the way the players are playing is an indication of their real talent level.

Kinsler? Don't expect another season with his batting average above .300. It's almost impossible with his mechanics, despite his freakishly fast hands. He uses an uppercut swing, which gives him chances for 30 home runs but also lowers his batting average by hitting shallow fly balls on low pitches.

Hamilton? Look last season was magical. And there's the key word magical. It was a once in a lifetime season. He has a semi mulligan with being hurt for most of the season, and I think that's why when he was on that hot streak in August he was hitting all singles. I just don't think he had the strength to drive the ball. He can redeem himself next season, but the problem is that's next season. A September 2009 redemption would of been nice.

It's a frustrating time for die-hard Ranger fans. All the fair weather fans have switched their tuners to the Cowboys, and the attendance shows it. It's football season and it's a damn shame that 75% of the metroplex sports fans are going to ignore that best team the Rangers have had since 1999.

Unfortunately, it wasn't enough.

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