Thursday, August 12, 2010

Thursday Afternoon Quick Hits: The 'Well ... Me!' Edition

See, the Yankees really are Nazis. HEIL!

Well that was tons of fun last night, wasn't it? Good thing I went Tuesday night instead of last night. I might of taken a poop on the pitching mound. But enough about bodily fluids on pitching mounds, let's get into the hits: 

(Note: sorry if there are few Cowboy notes here. It's still baseball season. And if you don't like it then get your ass hung up on now you idiot)

  • Worst loss of the Ranger year last night? 6-1 lead, best pitcher in the American League on the mound, finishes with 11 Ks and no W. I agree with what Josh Garoon says: A lot of what happened last night wasn't really Lee's fault. He can't go eight innings or more every start, people get tired. He also had some terrible defense behind him as Nelson Cruz turned into 2008 Nelson Cruz. You know, the terrible fielding one. Considering Cruz's defense has been spectacular in 2010, one game isn't going to derail all that he's done this year.
  • Dig into these Star-Telegram notes and you'll find that Ron Washington doesn't think Vlad needs any rest or days off to get back on track. I disagree. Completely. Vlad is entering the point into his career where days off are going to be needed from time to time, regardless of being a DH. As the notes say, Vlad is batting .179 over his last 21 games and since July started he's been hovering around .200 with no power whatsoever. With David Murphy's sudden emergence over the last week, why not rest Vlad for three days, put Murphy in the DH spot and Julio Borbon into centerfield? As much as I love Murphy these days, keeping Borbon on the bench for this long of a time isn't going to bode well for timing whenever he does come back. Kill two birds with one stone here, Ron.
  • Speaking of Ron Washington, his decisions with the bullpen last night obviously did not work out. While every one of his pitching decisions were questionable, they were all defensible. I personally would not have run out Feliz in the 9th after pitching two innings the night before, but, the Rangers were off Monday and are off today so I can see Washington's line of thinking by trying to get the most out of Feliz these past two days. I would of gone with Ogando since he breezed through the Yankees on Tuesday night, but I'm not going to throw stones or throw a hissy fit. Besides, it's not like Feliz was hammered on Wednesday. His hits were soft, seeing-eye grounders that found holes.
  • Those three quick outs after Elvis Andrus' electrifying lead-off triple was the greatest power down moment I can remember in recent memory. Or at least, Ranger memory. Imagine if Austin Kearns had been playing three feet deeper into right field on Michael Young's out. The outcome of the game would of definitely changed. Again, there's the luck factor. 
  • I can't find any links on this, but why is Christian Guzman getting every start since he arrived here? Guzman is 3-for-33 since arriving in Arlington (that's a .091 average). His defense has been fine, but Blanco is just as capable defender (if not slightly better) than him, so why not give him a shot? There is really nothing to risk at all in this situation.
  • The Hornets, Pacers, Rockets and Nets had themselves a little four-way trade yesterday. What does this mean for the Mavs? Plenty. With Collison gone, the Hornets are sending a message to Chris Paul and the league that the All-Star point guard is off-limits for the time being. But it's not all gloom and doom for Mavs' fans, Mike Fisher says. T.J. Ford would be a great improvement over JJ Barea for back up point guard, especially with Roddy Beaubois' injury. Ford might not be the lottery pick player he once was, but he is still a quality player, especially in a back-up role and in limited minutes.
  • Speaking of the Mavs, their new schedule was released this week, if you're interested. Personally, breaking down schedules isn't really my thing. "Hey, Mavs play a bunch at home early so this is where they should do well and they have a rough road schedule right after that" isn't exactly brain busting analysis in my eyes. Every schedule has its ebbs and flows, and while some fanatics might not agree, the schedule always balances itself out. But, if you're interested Chuck Cooperstein and Mark Followill have breakdowns. And they sorta know about the Dallas Mavericks.
  • Cowboys play a preseason game tonight at the New Stadgium. Hooray.
  • Finally, if you like basketball a lot, then check out Rob Mahoney's piece about defining the NBA positions. It's got a lot of insight and research and is very interesting if that sort of stuff floats your boat.


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