Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Tuesday Late Afternoon Quick Hits: Joaquin Arias Makes Me Write Bad

When the Rangers traded Alex Rodriguez, the no-question-about-it best overall player in baseball, the Rangers received Alfonso Soriano and had a choice between Joaquin Arias and Robinson Cano. Robinson Cano is now the best second baseman in baseball, with a career line of .309/.345/.489 and has slugged over .500 for the last two seasons. He is also either the second or third MVP candidate in the American League besides Josh Hamilton. Joaquin Arias has played in 88 games for the Rangers. Robinson Cano has 20 more home runs than Joaquin Arias has played games for the Texas Rangers. I hate my life. Onto the hits:

  • Marco Colombo had his knee scoped and could be out two to four weeks because Joaquin Arias tackled him at the knees after a drill during Cowboys practice. 

  • Roddy Beaubois had successful surgery on his broken foot this week. As you all know, Beaubois broke his foot after Joaquin Arias put a banana peel on the court as Beaubois was training with the French national team.

  • TROP is the top Google hit...when you search "rice of passage" or "the rice of passage." 

  • And that's it. Joaquin Arias is toilet papering my front lawn so I have to go stop him. Until next time.


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