Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Wednesday Afternoon Quick Hits: Murph Dog Takes a Bite Out of Crime!

I think the best way to keep this blog updated with fresh content is to change formats. So instead of me racking my brain to write one big story (and in the process, editing and cutting and all that goes with my larger posts), I'll instead post at least once every weekday with thoughts and links on previous day (or the current morning) sports stories. This way I don't go three weeks in between posting. So let's try it out:

  • My thoughts on last night's incredible Ranger victory over the Yankees last night has been graciously posted by the all knowing and powerful Joey Matschulat over at BBTiA (Baseball Time in Arlington). Thanks to Joey for posting and I don't have much more to add here except that I failed to mention that Murphy won the game off the greatest closer of all time. Murphy might be in this league for another 15 years and not have a better game than that one. Absolutely amazing. (Note: I once again get to miss seeing Cliff Lee in person. It's OK, if I have to wait till game one of the ALDS, I'll gladly accept that fate.)

  • As you already know, Roddy Beaubois has broken his foot. As you already know, he's getting surgery which will sideline him for 2-3 months. As you might know, Beaubois was pegged to start at the two-guard with Caron Butler and Shawn Marion duking it out to play the three. Of course the injury is unfortunate, but no one should be upset at management or Beaubois. While Dirk might be taking off the summer, he's also 32 and a league MVP. Beaubois is trying to grow into his NBA self, and playing for your national team is a great boost to a young foreign player. It's worked wonders for Dirk, Manu, Pau Gasol and others. There could be some good from this, as Rob Mahoney mentions, and if the Mavs handle Dominique Jones this year the same they handled Beaubois last year, perhaps Jones will see some spot starts early in the season. And hopefully Jones, like Beaubois, uses his limited playing time to display flashes of future brilliance.

  • Could defensive lineman Stephen Bowen make an impact this year? Every one has seemed to jump on his bandwagon after the Cowboys first preseason game against the Bengals. Norm Hitzges on 1310 The Ticket raved about him and Wade's quote ("He was a terror out there,") seems pretty beaming. If Bowen can improve, he can maybe take time away from the up-and-down Marcus Spears.

  • So before the game against the Bengals started, I joked with my buddies that the Cowboy's Tight End coach could probably create a Super Bowl team...or a team with jacked TE's. Because we thought it was a tad silly that all our Cowboy back up TE's (Bennett, Phillips, Sicko) could probably all be starters (and maybe Pro-Bowlers) on other teams. Well now we know why you can never have enough depth: Phillips is done and Sicko and Bennett are hurt. Great. Key lesson here: Always have depth and never question it.


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