Friday, August 13, 2010

Friday Afternoon Quick Hits: Who is Salt?

He's baaaaaaaaaaaaaaack!

The Rangers had an off-day yesterday, the Cowboys pretty much had an off-day yesterday and the Mavs are in the middle of summer obscurity. Yesterday was fantastic. Oh, and Jarrod Saltalamacchia returns to Arlington tonight. In Googling Salty's name, the fourth suggested search after "jarrod saltalamacchia", "jarrod saltalamacchia bio", "jarrod saltalamacchia espn" and "jarrod saltalamacchia wife"  was "jarrod saltalamacchia yips." LOL. Onto the hits!

  • So, I really have no business writing any full-on, feature long posts on the Rangers when Josh Garoon keeps pumping about amazing articles and goes ahead and writes this absolutely amazing, spot-on, article about the relevance of chemistry in a baseball clubhouse over at the wonderful BBTiA. I agree with absolutely everything in his post. Chemistry isn't so much about having a veteran presence, but more about winning. Where was the Rangers veteran leadership in 2000-2007? Young was already established as a veteran All-Star by 2003, yet no one basks in his leadership qualities except when the Rangers are winning. Funny how that works. Another point: every one thought that the Rangers' magical 2004 season proved A-Rod was a cancer in the team's clubhouse. Uhm, what? You want to know who Rodriguez's opening day starter in 2002 was? Ismael Valdez. The Rangers didn't win more games in 2004 because A-Rod wasn't there, it was because they finally had some pitching in the rotation and the bullpen. (Francisco Cordero's incredible 49-save season, Kenny Roger's All-Star season, Ryan Drese...Yep, Ryan *bleeping* Drese) You mean to tell me the 2004 Rangers would of won less games with A-Rod's 2004 line of .286/.375/.512 (which might of been better since he wouldn't be adjusting to a new team or position), his 36 home runs, his 28 stolen bases and, not to mention, the best defense at the most demanding defensive position in baseball? Give. Me. A. Break. Leadership and veteran presence matter to a degree when a club is rolling. Being there before certainly might of helped that 2004 Ranger team more down the stretch. But above all else, it's all about the W's.
  • The Rangers have signed draft picks Luke Jackson and Justin Grimm. The Rangers HAVEN'T signed Luke Jackson and Justin Grimm. Make up your minds, people! (Note: signing Luke Jackson is a must. He has tons of potential. Just trust me out that. He has power stuff.)
  • Ladies and gentlemen: It's over. Honestly, I never saw any daylight to this on-going ownership drama. From April to August every story that told us the situation had taken a step forward, it was immediately followed up with a story how it had taken two (or three, or four, or five) steps back. I don't know how well the Greenberg/Ryan group is going to do 5-10 years down the line, but I don't care. Tom Hicks is gone. Ding Dong, the Witch is Dead. We can all focus on baseball now. 
  • Related Rant: Another reason I'm glad this whole ordeal is over with is that this entire summer has seen some of the worst journalism/reporting I have seen on a single subject in this DFW area. Sportswriters with no business backgrounds making wild accusations about court proceedings, judges and prospective owners. It was awful. And while the Star-Telegram should be given tons of credit for hiring Barry Shlachter to cover the story full-on when they knew they had a mess, and Anthony Andro for observing and reporting and not going in over his head with his own opinions, the S/T also added to the mess with Randy Galloway and Jennifer Floyd Engel's absurd and belligerent rants on Judge Lynn. Not to mention adding to the myth that Mark Cuban and Jim Crane are dastardly 1920 movie villains, top hats and wiry mustaches and all. It's a shame. Randy Galloway was the reason I got into journalism, believe it or not, because I grew up every morning before school having a bowl of cereal and reading his latest column. Oh well, such is life.
  • The Cowboys played a preseason game last night and it really sucked. Sorry, but it did. 17-9 loss to the Oakland Raiders. The game doesn't matter, so I won't even overreact. But that was just awful television. I can't imagine people actually paid real money to be in attendance. Belch. I had the game on, but on mute so I could do other stuff so I didn't really get everything except David Buehler is awesome. Until he misses three field goals from 35-30 yard range in week three and then every one hates him. Jean-Jacques Taylor writes about the offensive line and I really dislike him as a writer so I'll end it there. David Moore writes the freak-out column that is customary with every first preseason loss.  


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