Sunday, November 29, 2009

Rambling, thoughts and brain farts

Its been awhile. Probably too long. See I actually have a job that involves sports writing (shocking I know. You probably thought I was banking with this blog) and that's taken some time. I also have class, which really sucks to write out because it sounds really unprofessional. How many readers would click out of Bill Simmons page on if he posted about having class slum down his writing? Probably a lot.

Since its 12:30 a.m. according to my Mac (but the pretentious bastards probably could have reset their clocks to Steve Jobbs master timer in his castle) I'll make this the worst blog post as I spout random thoughts.

-I told everyone to chill out about GB. The Boys were fine. And they were. The Packers wanted it more, were underrated, had a great offense that was going Robert Downy Jr bender and had a 3-4 defense. I believe Romo's record against teams using the 3-4 is -1282102938-2012901820. But that's just a rough guesstimate. (side note, guesstimate is a word according to my spell check?! YES)

-Let's reserve judgment on the Boys till mid-December. They seriously face a hellacious schedule but I really think this team makes the playoffs.

-On that note, lets all chill out until they, you know, actually win a playoff game. Right now, they're just an above average, good team in a muddled conference. Nothing more, nothing less. Win a playoff game and things change.

-I'm sick of the Cowboys already. Can the playoffs start tomorrow?

-I've been ready to crown the Mavericks a title contender for about two weeks now, and then I saw the Golden State game and then the Cavs game. I can't really judge how good this team is though, because injuries (Dampier has AIDS or something, Howard apparently completely replaced his ankle and Shawn Marion has been hanging around Howard too much)

-But we can agree on this: Dirk is awesome. I'm a huge Dirk homer, and this season has only extended my loins for my love of the german.

-I have seen Dirk take more hook shots this season than Erik Dampier. This my friends, is a good, good thing.

-Dirk averages 2 3 point attempts a game. James Singleton averages 1.3. This my friends, is NOT a good thing.

-Roddy Beaubois is going to have a Josh Howard-2004-rookie-year-impact this season. Don't complain about it not happening right now. It will happen in Feburary, when we actually need it.

-Here's something I'm mulling over. This Maverick team is 12-5. Let's say they are still in first place with the trade deadline approaching, and are numer 2-3 team in the west. Do you make a trade? Do you trade Dampier if he is still averaging 7.6 ppg 9.7 rpg and 2.2 blockers per game? Let me answer this as best as I can:

If you get a Chirs Bosh type big, hells yes. If you get a Joe Johnson type guard, hells yes. If not? Then don't do anything drastic. Don't make a trade simply to make a trade, espically if the team is winning. Dampier is a monster in contract years (he averaged a double double before the Mavs signed him in 2004) and obviously just likes to play when he needs to get paid.

-Anybody else sick of all these pretentious commercials? The Chevy, Apple and Verizon commercials are all sticking their noses up high saying "Our vastly better competitor really really sucks, so you guys should stop spending all your money on them because they really truly suck. Did we mention they suck?"

-The Rangers are actually shopping around their surplus of pitching to pick up a bat.

-I just reread that sentance. I'm trying to pick up the pieces of my brain scattered accross the floor.

-After the Vikings bowed out of the playoffs last year, I made the arguement to plenty of friends (therefore making it an official statement) that if Minny could get a pro bowler at QB they would win the super bowl hands down. I had a lot of friends slightly agree (saying they have more holes than that) to a lot of nay says. Well guess what? My Madden 09 team is 10-1 and look just as good as undefeated Indy and New Awlens. I don't understand why more people wouldn't agree with me. Back in 2008 they had Travius Jackson and Gus Ferrotte (otherwise known as the poopy flavored oreo tandem) lead them to 10 wins. 10!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! TRAVIUS "I DON'T KNOW HOW TO SPELL YOUR STUPID FIRST NAME" JACKSON AND GUS "I ACTUALLY CONCUSSED MYSELF AFTER SCORING A TD" FERROTTE. They had EVERYTHING but a QB. They had the best running back, a great offensive line, the best defensive line, an underrated but solid linebacking core, a semi-questionable secondary but with a not questionable leader (Winfield), an underrated and young athletic freak TE (Vincent...Gah, I'm not looking up how to spell his name. All I know is that he was money in Madden 09 when I'd run play action after running the ball to AP 35 straight times. And he was money.) AND they had a couple of atheltic WR's (speedster in Berian, the tall freak in Rice, and the just freaky Harvin). How could this team NOT go at least 10-1 with a good QB. When they signed Farve I wept in my room, knowing the rampage the NFC was about to witness.

-Watching Vince Young beat the Cardinals without using his legs and using his arm and Joe Flacco cannon the ball across the field makes me rethink what the #$%@ NFL scouts are watching these days.

-The Mavs play the 0-17 Nets Wednesday. I don't care if it takes a half court shot from the Mavs Man in the 5th overtime, but the Mavericks better win, or I'll probably expierence what kind of pain you feel when you have an ulcer and brain aneurysm at the same time

-The video podcast "There's Always Next Year" will be debuting sometimes in Decemeber. It will star myself and Phillip Long as we disect everything going down in sports with that charmy smarmy new age humor people blabber about. Expect guest appereances from people you don't know, interesting seggments and an awesome intro. You've been warned.

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