Thursday, July 8, 2010

BREAKING: LeBron snubs teams, creates his own.

BEDFORD, Texas - Amid speculation of LeBron James' new destination, the reigning two-time MVP has made his choice hours before the official "Decision" special airs on ESPN at 9 p.m. ET.

LeBron will forgo any offers from current NBA teams and start his own professional basketball franchise James told TROP.

Sources close to James have said LeBron was planning something big, but James let the secret out Thursday afternoon.

"I looked at all the options," James said. "And I felt that none of the cities could really fit all of me, you know? I need something that can fully contain LeBron James."

James hasn't come to a decision where his new franchise will be located. He is requesting permission from NBA commissioner David Stern to aprove of his new franchise where James will be the owner, G.M., coach, President of Communications, head trainer, assistant coach, and also be one of those shammy guys that wipes the court when the action is on the other side of the court.

"It's a full slate, but I can handle it," James said to TROP this afternoon. "I mean, if it's going to be my team, then LeBron is going to do everything. And I mean everything."

In his proposal to Stern, James is requesting that if he cannot decide on a host city that he will either create his own (which will in turn be it's own entity, much like Washington D.C.) or to instead play all of his home games at visiting arenas.

"I haven't decided on a town name yet," James said. "I was thinking LeTopia. Or maybe The Lion's Nest. There will for sure be an LBJ Ave. Sounds so cool.

"If I have to play in visiting arenas till I get the approval of my town, then so be it. I'll change the arenas like they do for the Clippers and Lakers games. Doesn't seem hard for them."

As for the team name, the obvious choice would be the Lions, James' animal persona, but James isn't ruling anything out yet.

"Lions is cool," he said. "But what about just The LeBrons? I made a commercial about that, where there was five of me. That was fun. Or maybe The Drops. Because I always make it rain on the court."

James was blunt when asked why the offers from the current established NBA teams didn't appease him.

Miami, New York, Chicago and of course Cleveland, were all believed to be in the running leading up to James' "Decision" program.

"I mean, to quote a great philosopher, I love me some me," James said. "Why else would I have an entire hour special dedicated to an announcement that can take 30 seconds? Certainly not for the charity."

Negative criticism from James' potential to leave his home town team of the Cleveland Cavaliers also weighed in on his final decision.

James has played in Cleveland for his entire seven year basketball career and grew up in the neighboring town of Akron.

"See, they aren't good enough for me to win there," James said. "So, instead making them all sad and such, I'll just create my own team and then they can root for both teams without feeling bad. I'm not leaving them, I'm just taking some space. "

James is hoping to see League approval of his, surprisingly, three page proposal for a new team. Congress is looking into his proposal for a new city, which was texted to them, stating "Can i haz new city, k thx lol ;)"

"This is like a divorce," James said of how the fans of Cleveland should feel. "I'm still their Daddy. Except they only get to see me on the weekends now.

"Or whenever LeTopia is built."

Yes, this was for pure entertainment purposes. TROP is in no way officially saying LeBron is going to make his own team...unless he does tonight.

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