Sunday, August 30, 2009

Twins 5, Rangers 3 Post Game

I decided to start up a new allsports all the time (basically) blog. I'll try to live blog the remaining Rangers games, preview series, and do wrap up posts. I'll also do the same for the 'Boys and Mavs, and maybe the Stars if I feel like watching hockey this year.

The name of my blog, incidentally, is an inside joke from everyone's favorite former MNF analyst Emmit Smith. Just listen for it:

So here's the actual recap. Comment on the format and if you'd like me to add/subtract anything

Leading Off:

Quite honestly I felt pretty disgusted after this game ended. Maybe a lot of that had to do with my lunch consisting of a combination of microwaved leftovers from Buffalo Wild Winds and Chilies, but I digress. This was a gut wrenching, kick in the balls, OMG-I-just-got-my-first-girlfriend-pregnant kind of loss. Kevin Millwood pitched a helluva game, and two runs through six innings was exactly what you need from your stopper. Unfortunately the bullpen (Looking at you CJ) blew it. Add that to the mind blowing frustration levels of the bottom of the ninth from the hitter. It's really hard to not score a run with the bases loaded. I mean really hard. Almost hard enough that you have to try not to score those runs.

Hitting the Cycle:

Single: Michael Young's third inning single increased his hitting streak to 17 games, and of course, it was a rope to right-center.

Double: Kevin Millwood didn't have his best stuff (only two k's) but he kept it under control (2 walks) and gave the Rangers more than enough to win the series.

Triple: Hank Blalock walked. That's all I got.

Home Run: Nelson Cruz carried the offense and almost single handily gave the Rangers a dubya.

Wearing the Golden Sombrero:

1st K: Hank Blalock also went 0-3 with two bad strikeouts with new and improved Chris Davis sitting on the bench.

2nd K: Josh Hamilton's impressive hot streak is starting to wear thin, espically when he does get a hit it happens to be a single. Where's the juice?! (probably the wrong word choice)

3rd K: Watch CJ Wilson when he blows a game is like watching a train wreck in slow motion: You can see it coming a mile away and there's nothing you can do to stop it. When CJ let the first two runners get on base I immediately set my mind to "lose" mode.

4th K: Ron Washington is really starting to annoy me. He's managing decisions lately have become insane. The Blalock start was terrible, not to mention Cruz in left. How bout Byrd in left, Hammy in center, Cruz in right and Blalock on waivers? Sound good?

Looks like we're wearing the welding mask!

Extra special 5th K: Michael Young has a rep for clutchness. But this season it's been more of "producing in big games" instead of actual producing in clutch situations. He's been striking out a lot with runners on base, let a lone scoring position. That first pitch ground out tonight? I think part of my soul split up and was put into a horcrux (

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