Monday, August 31, 2009

Rangers/ Blue Jays Preview

Wait we're playing the Twins right? We play them 30 games in a row right? Wait? We don't? Phew. I was worried that the Rangers would be forced to play every one of their God forsaken games against the team that shall not be named. Seriously the Twins are very good at making Ranger fans feel pretty down in the dumps.

Thankfully the Blue Jays have skidded lately. A lot. From 2.5 back to 23 back of first place is pretty bad (not to mention to say just how good the Yanks have been). Roy Halladay is making the Rangers look like geniuses and Aaron Hill has 31 home runs. Wait, what? That's like the scene in Dirty Work when Norm McDonald's character uses this excuse and immediately realizes how ridiculous the statement is "I'm gonna go lift weights....what?"

Unfortunately every game is a must win. And as we all know if we lose that means the Red Sox and the Angels win. It's almost like an unwritten rule or it's programmed into their DNA to win when the Rangers scuffle. Maybe that's what a good playoff team in baseball does but obviously I haven't watched one here in a long time (zing!)

And of course don't be surpised if, yet, once again some pitchers you've never heard of look like Cy Youngs this week.

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