Monday, September 20, 2010

Having a Head Coach Sort of Helps

Wade Phillips is the Dallas Cowboys defensive coordinator. Jason Garrett is the Dallas Cowboys offensive coordinator. Wade Phillips creates the defensive play books and calls the defensive plays. Jason Garrett does the same for the offense. 

Since both of these coaches are employed by the Dallas Cowboys, they practice their units in the same area. For practice these two coaches huddle up their units, coach them up, drill them and prepare them. On Sundays, they are contractually obligated to bring both of their units to wherever the NFL schedule tells them too on that day. The two units meet and combine to become one football team.

This is probably a great thing for Wade. I'm sure every week he keeps wondering if he's going to have to play DeMarcus Ware at tight end and Mike Jenkins at wide receiver. No worries! Jason Garrett has a group of guys that already play those positions, so why not kill two birds with one stone and combine both teams!

With that monkey of Wade's back he can finally sit back and call the defense and then hit the snooze button when Jason Garret throws his group of guys out there. 

So when the Cowboys come out for the season opener and play as bad as a poop sundae, don't be surprised when they top it off with the turd cherry in week two. The Dallas Cowboys are unorganized, undisciplined, confused, lost, clueless. They have no offensive or defensive identity. There is no structure in the plays that are called, there is no consistency. 

Sometimes the talent takes over (2007, 2009). But when you do not have a head coach, this is going to happen. When you try to replace the second most penalized lineman in football (Flozell Adams) with the first-most (Alex *bleepin* Barron) from last season, what do you expect? When you have a head coach that has no control over what the final play is going to be, how can you be surprised by the end of the first half in Washington?

Here is a list of the Super Bowl winning head coaches dating back to 2000:

Sean Payton
Mike Tomlin
Tom Coughlin
Tony Dungy
Bill Cowher
Bill Belichick (three times)
Jon Gruden
Brian Billick
Dick Vermeil

And those are only the last 11 winners. Now, can you ever in your football-loving life, ever see Wade Phillips' name scribed next to these great coaches?

Of all the talk of the Cowboys' depth this year, the team forgot they're missing an important starter: a head coach.

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