Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Programming note: NBA All-Star weekend 2010: Rice of Passage style

You read that right: The Rice of Passage (TROP for kids on da street) will be covering NBA All-Star weekend from head to toe (or more like chin to knee). Over the next few days we (Phillip Long and myself) will be dropping some hotter than hot videos about our adventures to All-Star weekend 2010.

Our failed attempt at a video podcast (equipment is expensive!) has inspired us to at least salavge some sort of video shenanigans. We have one Flip video camera and that's it. I'll be looking through my potential hook-ups before tomorrow night to see if I can get some mics, better cameras, etc. If not we at least have something as crappy as it might be. There will also be pictures posted.

And yes this means I will be attending the All-Star game on Saturday. My sweet hook-up (Dad + Toshiba Electronics + birthday next week = tickets). I don't know for sure if I'll drop a video from the All-Star game (I will 100% for sure have pics) so we'll play that by ear. But here's what you can expect Friday morning: Coverage of the NBA Jam Session!

Myself and Mr. Long will attend the Jam Session sometime tomorrow night. Expect goofing off, terrible fan interviews, no player interviews and a showcase of our elite basketball skills.

As always, my twitter will be busting full of our misadventures throughout the weekend, starting tomorrow night

You've been warned.

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