Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Arguing with myself: Cowboys and Eagles

New feature time!

Along with my New Year's Resolutions of getting at least 100 twitter followers (which you can help with right here), lose 15 pounds (which you cannot help right here), I plan on posting at least 5 posts a week here at TROP. More posts means more structure and formatting, so part of your regular schedule here at TROP, there will be a weekly feature: Arguing with myself, where I post both optimistic and pessimistic views on a raging news grabbing topic.

First up? Oh yes, its the tasty Saturday night re-rematch with the Eggos...err Eagles.

Positive Josh
The Cowboys defense has completely dismantled the vaunted and explosive Eagles offense. The Eagles have only scored 16 points combined in the two games, the last being the Cowboys' dominant 24-0 drubbing this past Sunday.

The Eagles numbers against teams other than Dallas are great: 371.5 yards per game, 307.5 yards allowed per game and a plus 16 in the turnover margin.

Against Dallas? The Eagles average only 262.5 yds/game and give up a whopping 416 yds/game while also being minus 1 in turnovers. That's shocking.

Also consider this has been Tony Romo's best season to date. Consider that in the '07-'08 season (that 13-3 season) Romo had 36 TD's 19 INTs and 4211 yds passing. How is this season better? Romo has a career high 4483 yds thrown this year, and only a COMBINED 15 turnovers. Considering that in the '07-'08 season 21 times, I like our chances. Maybe the TD numbers could be better (26) I'd much rather have a Tony who values ball control as much as making big plays.

Everyone knew the running game would be good. The question marks were WR's and defense. Well Miles Austin is having the season we thought Roy Williams would have, and the defense has been better than great. Anthony Spencer has eased the pressure on DeMarcus Ware and Mike Jenkins has turned into an elite cover corner. With Jenkins and the two safeties pressuring DeSean Jackson into nothing over the top, the Eagles looked lost and confused on offense as Ware and Spencer wrecked havoc. The Cowboys have to simply follow their game plan from the last two games. Keep Jackson in front of the safeties, hammer home the Eagles weakened offensive line, and keep a balanced run/pass attack. Its all there for the Cowboys to once again be victorious this Saturday.

Neagative Josh

We can't beat the Eagles THREE times!! ARE YOU CRAZY JOSH! Did you not pay attention in 2008? Remember the Giants? Remember how NFL teams record in the third game against the same opponent if they won the first two games in like -1209182-99898098087089?!?

There's no way DeSean Jackson is going to be held in check for a third time. It's like chemically impossible. His DNA says if he doesn't score a long TD he'll probably spontaneously combust. Plus, how can we really expect Tony Romo to have another clean game? Remember he's a gun slinger! He's bound to throw at least two picks against the ball-hawking Philly secondary. Plus Miles Austin will not have any open spaces. In a follow up to my complete, comprehensive and detailed analysis on why Roy Williams isn't producing for the Cowboys yesterday, might I inform you that Roy Williams can't play football well. If Andy Reid is smarter than an apple, he'll shift his coverage towards Austin like we do with Jackson and force Roy boy to do him in which is like asking Spongebob to lead 300 Spartans against the Persians. (Actually, I think that's happened)

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